Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bagging a bargain

The only thing I like about the end of the festive season is the sales. I'm a sucker for a bargain. On Monday I bagged a kilo of assorted cadbury chocolates in a roll taller than my daughter for $12! That's a saving of $18. Not only did I get the yummy choccies but Munchie will use the oversized tube to batter her uncle John. She loves the sound of the tube reverberating off his rotund physique, the two of them giggle like they've won the lottery through the whole “assault”. 
I also bought a fancy complete box of Christmas cupcake mix for $5. Though I’m  experiencing some buyers remorse about the cupcake mix, it was an impulse purchase. Sure it was a bargain $15 saving, but I have come up with some rules for myself to curtail my spending, and minimize my buyers guilt.
First, I ask myself, “Can this fit into my budget or will I be overextending it?”
Second, I only buy things that I really really really love.
Third, I only buy things that I know I will use (ie, it has to fit. I bought a dress on a whim seven years ago because it was a bargain and I figured I’d lose enough weight eventually to fit into it, the only time it’s left my closet was when we moved. It still has its tags. I’m now fatter then I’ve ever been so I don’t see myself wearing it any time soon).
Lastly, I rarely buy things without thinking about it overnight first.
Even if all I spend is $5, if I don't love it then I won't use it and if I don't use it, then that's $5 wasted. $5 I could put toward shoes or a block of chocolate which would be used.
The last time I made cupcakes was 16 years ago, I’m really hoping that there might be a repeat episode before the fancy cupcake mix expires.
Hope that your bargain shopping is fruitful in the post Christmas sales, I hope you can afford what you buy and that you love and use whatever you invest in. Bag a bargain, and giggle like you’ve won the lottery as you share it with others.

By Susan Magaitis

Ec 2:26 To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness.

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