Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Life sux ... sometimes

Since hot hubby is on holidays he decided he would make lunch for us today. So he added all the ingredients to the baking dish finally pouring the flour in last, as the recipe dictated. As he  stirred the mixture he realized there were things crawling in it. We had a pantry invasion, weevils had infiltrated the flour, sugar and just about every other thing they could in the pantry.
I’m grew up in the school of “Waste not want not,” so having to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of food was quite annoying. In the grand scheme of things, if that is the worst thing that happens in 2012 then I will be having a stellar year. It’s easy to get upset about things going wrong and to get a “Why me?” attitude. Here’s something I wish I could delete from the Bible, “In the world you will have trouble, but be courageous-I have overcome the world!”(ISV). Not “might” or “occasionally” have trouble but you will have trouble. That sux, but bad things are an inevitable bi-product of living.
The true tragedy is not in the tragedy but if we don’t learn from the experience. From crushing tragedy we can learn how strong we are, that even if the unthinkable happens our lungs keep filling with air and the sun will rise. The pain may always go with us, but we learn that we can survive day to day and breath to breath.
So when the weevils of life attack, look for how to survive, and seek a silver lining.
The good thing about the weevils happening today were-
  1. Hot hubby was home, his dish was ruined by the invaders, he was so enraged by the intrusion that he had to eradicate them himself. So first silver lining, I didn’t have to clean out the pantry.
  2. The pantry is clean, after a year of collecting clutter.
  3. One of the most exciting things, now I have a reason to go shopping, the pantry needs restocking!
If your life is suxing today, I hope that it is a learning and growing experience for you.

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