Monday, 2 January 2012

Failing at Motherhood

Nothing makes me feel more like a failure as a mother then when the baby won't go to sleep. Tonight 11.38pm - Epic Fail! 
In fact nothing has made me feel as much of a failure as being a Mum. Not being able to comfort a crying baby - Fail. The baby not eating as much as I expect - Fail. The baby kicking or biting kids at church - Fail. The baby constantly having food on her face - Fail.
Maybe the failure feels so big because I want to be so good at motherhood. I really want Munchie to grow up to be a happy functional adult and that means I need to be a happy functional adult - easier said than done.
I figure, even if I'm not the perfect Mum, as long as I keep trying to do my best and loving Munchie to bits, she will grow up just fine.
Though I feel like I fail a thousands times a day, if I keep trying I'm not a failure. So let's hope Munchie gets to bed before 11.38pm tomorrow.

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