Monday, 16 January 2012

The fountain of youth

Munchie received  her first fishy, whiskered seal kiss today. She couldn't take her eyes off the seal kissing everyone, then it was her turn. She was scared, the seal must seem like a giant monster to a toddler, but she was keen to meet it too. The picture reveals that she moved her head and the seal planted the kiss on the back of her head. However, the fishy scent smeared from her cheek to ear suggested that Munchie's assertion that the 'woof woof' (she thinks seals are sea dogs) kissed her cheek was a fact. She has limited vocabulary but we know exactly what she's talking about. The seal kiss and the peacock which flew onto the roof were hot topics during bath time tonight.
After a big day of seals, dolphins, fairy penguins, peacocks and giant sea turtles she drifted off to a happy, peaceful sleep. 
I remember watching an Oprah show about staying young and she had a guest who said she would do something that scared her every year for her birthday to stay young. 
Obviously, if Munch were any younger she’d be a zygote, but her experiences today really animated her and gave her a spark that I hadn’t seen for a while. Watching her experience the dolphin’s arial show and clapping with delight, ignited a spark of wonder in me that I hadn’t felt for a while either. 
My tip for the day is, do something that frightens you or watch a child experience something for the first time. Delight is a truly freeing feeling, and come to think of it, I do feel younger.

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