Monday, 2 January 2012

Pimp My Laptop

I feel sorry for my laptop. I'm sure that dreams of working for a graphic designer or a computer software technician swam in it's hard drive. In its worst case scenario it would not imagine being used by a person who had to use Microsoft office because she couldn't work out how to use pages and keynote. Not to mention its memory being used for photo storage like an external hard drive. Such superior technology should really not be reduced to such a lowly uses.
Life took a turn for the worst after the baby arrived, it's shiny white cover ravaged by forrest green crayon and an unidentifiable sticky substance. Not to mention the mouse which has lost it's click since the baby tried to jimmy it out with a pencil.
So today the laptop is going into the shop for a memory upgrade and a hard drive boost. The Mac guy is going to pimp my laptop. While its life may not be as glamorous as the late and great Steve Jobs laptop or James Cameron's laptop. It's usefulness has not wavered in my life. It's always been exactly what I need and a bit more.
So if you're feeling a bit under utilized or you wish that your life were a bit more glamorous. Remember that you are exactly where God wants you, your life is indespensible to Him.

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