Sunday, 22 January 2012

How things change

“What happened to your forearms, they look like a meat packers arms,” my father stated, 
“You used to have thin arms like me but you got fat.” I looked at him blankly. 
I am the come back queen, three weeks after the event. What I should have said was, “So you admit that you have girly arms?” or “Your waist aint what it used to be either.” Instead I just stared at my Popeye forearms and agreed that they had become more muscular since the baby was born.
Motherhood has changed me in many ways, apart from the power arms, I used to pour over gossip magazines like a nun seeking sainthood. I would memorize names, up and coming TV shows and be enthralled by the drama of people’s bad days. However since the baby was born I’ve lost interest in drama, the sleepless nights and interfering entourage that motherhood has wrought keeps me occupied without needing to read about other people’s bad days. 
In the last two weeks I have purchased two magazines, Australian Good Food and Super Food Ideas. I’ve been combing through the magazines like a death row inmate choosing their last meal. Home cooked meals have become a rare occurrence in the last 22 months. If we get 3-4 home cooked meals a week that is a good week. That leaves a lot of take out meals to fill in the blanks. That has led my waist line to become a circle.
I’m hoping that the quick meals in the magazines are indeed quick. While Munchie loves to  help throw herbs all around the pot and help taste all the meals I cook, she needs to be on my hip the whole time. Hence the thick sailor arms from holding the baby like a resistant weight dumbbell. 
Despite the Schwarzenegger forearms, the excess junk food and my obsession with gourmet magazines, I wouldn’t change a thing. Motherhood has been so rewarding and I’m growing less selfish daily. I may be as fast as a beached whale in come backs, but my life is moving forward and I’m loving it. 
Changes may be coming at you like punches to a boxer against the ropes, but you have the power to embrace the new person you are becoming and find the joy in your situation. The meeting of ones thighs indicates the blessedness of living in a nation with abundant food. The greying of ones hair is an indicator of time passing and the blessing of years of life. Wrinkles are a sign that you have laughed and cried, which are the signs of truly living. The thickening of ones forearms is a sign that I have held true beauty in my arms. May you find true beauty in your arms today.

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